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Memory in sports

Role of memory in sports

Memory is one of the most interesting abilities in sport. It works in an exceptional way by making a base for growth of other skills, like effective decision making or anticipation. Despite obvious advantages of memory training it is still rarely seen among athletes. Knowing this fact, we can use it to be a step ahead of others!

Memory game

Sports commentators often use phrase „memory game”. It is a type o play, when athlete memebrs setting of players, so in few seconds he could use a trained schema.  Thanks to remembered information an athelte is able to predict where to find his teammate. This is nothing else but result of effective memory training, which gives us advantage with element of suprise and very fast actions.

 How memory works

We can distinguish four basic types of memory:

  • sensory memory – which briefly holds information from our senses
    (max. 0,5 s.),
  • short-term memory – which holds small amount on information for a short time, like players setting on the pitch,
  • working memory – which is used to process information,
  • long-term memory – which holds big amount of information, like knowledge how make a technicaly good strike.

When it comes to sports, the most interesting ones are short-term and working memory. Thanks to them we can make game changing decisions during the match. However, let’s remember that all of mentioned types work together, creating unity.

How to train memory in sports?

Memory exercises  should be used in cyclic sport training. Keep in mind, that memorizing is not enough to get best effects. There should be additional, brain stimulating tasks, like arithmetic operations. They will engage working memory and unblock potential of other skills. It is very important to start memory training from young age, when athlete’s brain is most opened for new stimuli.