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Flywheel training

What is flywheel training

Flywheel training is an innovation that makes traditional training with weights less useful. It is based on applying the inertia of a flywheel instead of simple gravity to create optimal resistance and give you the opportunity to perform an eccentric training. In addition you can do many exercises using only one device and increase your strength in a fast, modern and most effective way.

Eccentric training and overload

The eccentric training method is based on slowing the lowering phase of an exercise. To reach your maximal force in the eccentric phase, you need to get eccentric overload which is much easier and safer in case of flywheel training.

Is the flywheel training for me?

No matter what your goal is, the answer is YES. Flywheel training is for all sport disciplines, rehabilitations and fitness, and can be used on every level of advancement. You can easily adjust the overload to your physical ability due to varying sizes of the flywheel.

What are the main advantages of flywheel training?

-improvement of general health
-faster muscles growth
-low risk of injury
-comparatively lower training costs

Scientifist Evidence

Effectiveness of flywheel training is confirmed by scientific researches.  Actually all studies comparing flywheel training vs weights training shows flywheel to be superior for increasing muscle power, strength, hypertrophy and athletic performance. You can read numerous articles in this field, here are some more important ones:

Effects of eccentric-overload training program on muscle-injury prevention and performance in junior elite soccer players.

Hamstring injury occurrence in elite soccer players after preseason strength training with eccentric overload.

Neuromuscular and balance responses to flywheel training versus weight training in older persons.