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Memory training

Memory training consists on remembering few elements presented on semaphores, making a particular calculation and choosing the correct answer by covering semaphore. For example, there are presented numbers on three semaphores. Athlete has to remember them and add up during the exercise. At the end of exercise he chooses one of three semaphores which shows a correct answer.

It is recommended to implement, between covering semaphores, sport specific tasks like passing or throwing the ball. It will make the exercise more difficult but also more effective.

Memory exercises are used in short-term and working memory training. What is more, athlete learns   good decision making with time pressure, basing on previously seen information.

While creating a Memory exercise we can change it’s difficulty level using following modifications:

  • Disturbing sounds – using additional sounds will influence difficulty of remembering presented symbols,
  • Calculation change – we can implement various calculations like adding up,
  • Symbols – instead numbers, we can use other abstract symbols which make task more difficult,
  • Colours – by using different colours we can indicate which numbers are positive (green) and which negative (red).


Memory exercises:

Easy – Nr: 85, 105, 106

Medium – Nr:  98, 107, 108

Difficult – Nr:  109, 110, 111





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