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Tennis- anticipation exercise


Exercise develops ability to observe movements of opponent and quickly draw conclusions. Thanks to it athlete will be able to easily predict strikes of opponent and take advantage over him.


After activating “Anticipation” training cover semaphore with presented symbol. Then symbols will be presented on three semaphores – these are semaphores assigned to athlete. Three others are assigned to coach.

Athlete and coach stand opposite each other. In front of them are located assigned semaphores.


Each semaphore on coach’s side is connected to particular semaphore on athlete’s side. Athlete by observing movements of coach learns the rule. After a while he is able to react faster only by seeing movements of coach.


  1. Coach starts the exercise by covering first semaphore with symbol “X”
  2. Athlete tries his luck and searches for correct semaphore.
  3. After covering the right semaphore symbols “X” on the athlete’s side disappear.
  4. Coach covers next semaphore.
  5. Athlete uses information from previous step and tries to find correct semaphore.
  6. When athlete will learn the whole rule, we can randomly change position of semaphores.


When predicting actions of opponent we have to focus on few elements at the same time. Adding different symbols on the semaphores will help to fully prepare our brain to anticipation on the court.

This exercise is an inspiration from our specialists. Platform TestYou Cloud allows to create new trainings which are limited only by Your imagination. Invent Your own exercise and enjoy training of the future.