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Testing in sports

Modern testing

Testing is a fundamental thing in sports. Every match, tournament or training are different ways of testing athlete’s skills. We live in times where almost all the things are measurable and changing behaviors into numbers should be an integral method of objective and professional diagnosis.

Why we should test more often

Creating a big data base brings us closer to knowledge about a real score of an athlete. A single measure may show us wrong result and we want to know true abilities which are repeatable.

What’s important in sport testing

We often see situation when a favorite loses at the biggest tournament. It seems that athlete is perfectly prepared but his scores are way below expectations. It’s called choking. The pressure and importance of tournament are to big and in consequence athlete is not able to give his best. One of ways to deal with it is testing at the early stage of career. Player has to be prepared to perform at highest possible level. It is also a good way to mobilize athletes. If you’re moving to professional sport, training should be hard and taken seriously. Testing will help to achieve good mental attitude of players.

How to test athletes?

We already know that we should do it often. But often doesn’t mean anyhow. We should try to change conditions, put in testing sessions things that may happen in real competition. That’s a real problem for athletes to get used to small changes between tournaments like temperature, light or wind.

We can’t forget about pressure. Let’s set some additional rivalization between players, check their attitude in various sessions. At this point lets regard age of athletes. Don’t forget that working with children requires different methods.

Testing advantages

Proper and regular testing will be rewarding for both coaches and athletes. We will get data to compare our players and monitor their progress. We will be able to observe them in different situations and see how they react. When it comes to athletes one of the most important things is getting used to pressure and competition. Also developing a right attitude towards training will benefit in future career.


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